by adwpadm on
July 28, 2015


The world inside of me is the story of Gulabi. Gulabi was a young woman who lived in an old Haveli in India. Gulabi had one burning desire: to see the world. So she sets forth across the seven seas… to lands distant and exotic… to meet people friendly and strange… she wanders and she wanders. And then she returns home. On the nights when she is alone… when her lover is away and when life begins to feel lackluster she opens her treasure box and with each precious souvenir she unwraps and adorns… the magic begins. Touched again by the beauty of the world Gulabi is free. Gulabi is happy in the world inside of her.

The idea has been to go completely ‘hand spun’. Many varieties of chanderi, hand weaves from Bengal silk chiffon. Scarves are in silk chiffon, twill silk and pashmina.

Shades of pink from blush to burgundy and shades of olive from a very pale pistachio to deep military.

Salwar inspired trousers, shirts, over shirts, wingy skirts, waistcoats of all kinds and sarees.

Some of the jewelry will remind you of heirloom pieces. However, the USP of the Anupamaa brand is that it does not take itself too seriously. In spite of being made with the finest real gemstones and old world workmanship, there is enough Anupamaa signature style free-spirited-nesss! I want women to enjoy this jewelry, travel with them, wear them with T-shirts etc. and just make it part of everyday living.