by adwpadm on
July 28, 2015

Jamali Kamali AW 2015

Jamali Kamali is a Lodhi era monument. Jamali was a Sufi Saint and Kamali, one of his later day disciples. The story of Jamali Kamali is a fascinating one, as it is said to be the abode of many djinns and spirits!

This collection is an ode to the city I live in and an attempt to embrace all its living history. Jamali is the Mughal inspired wedding ensembles and Kamali is used in similar dresses, say just the divided skirt or a Persian angrakha and worn it in a modern, casual, ‘ anywhere in the world’ manner.

Colours are inspired by sandstone and the multiple colours it weathers into. Ecru, sand, tones of red, ochre even shades of pale blue! Most monuments in Delhi are made of sandstone. All garments are also infused with injections of Anupamaa colour intensity.

Fabric used are gossamer and light chiffons, light as air silks and dainty cotton brocades.

The woman:
My muse has been Nur Jehan. The delicate beauty who had Emperor Jahangir totally under her spell. And with it a magnificent empire she enjoyed administering. Nur Jehan is one of the earliest women associated with ìpowerî and was considered a strategic and intelligent ruler of a large empire.

Print story:
The designer says, ìI have had fun adventuring around the monuments of my city putting together the print story. The wooden blocks that I use to tell my stories. Mughal flowers, Peitra Dura, Islamic graphics and the fabled roses … My interpretations of the Mughal love for beauty and what I feel will continue to be loved and will empower my 21st century woman.