by adwpadm on
July 28, 2015

Kama AW 2014

My collection Kama is inspired by Vatsayana’s Kamasutra written in about 400 BC. And Mira Nair’s sensitive film by the same name. Contrary to popular perception, the Kamasutra is not really a sex manual. It is an exhaustive guide on virtuous and gracious living and elaborates on love, family life…the aesthetic and the erotic. It celebrates pleasure filled living.

These are bridal clothes bursting with excitement, not so much for the wedding ceremony but for what will follow!

All the clothes are completely rooted in tradition and totally within the modesty requirements of the demure Indian bride. Kamasutra stresses on adornment. All it takes is the will of the bride and her desire to seduce her lover. In this game of seduction, these clothes will be transformed into tantalizing veils in one of the most ancient of arts.

Brocades from Banaras, tangail from Bengal, Chanderi from Chyanderi village, and Zardozi, gota patti, pearl embroidery, hand prints, trims and tassels; all created in-house.

The jewelry has been designed and created by Anupamaa especially for the show.

The colours have been used symbolically according to Vedic Tradition. Celebratory Indian colours like sindoor red and spice green along with haldi, kesari, badami and pyazi.